Water Testing on Whidbey Island WA

Every location on Whidbey Island is unique. Getting your water tested is the first step in determining which kind of water treatment system is best for you. Below are different ways to get your water tested.

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Water Testing

To effectively treat and decontaminate your water, it is necessary to understand what your water contains. A thorough water test enables the ability to customized a system that is not over-designed or under-designed. Most water companies usually test for the standard 8-12 contaminants. With the purchase of an ECOsmarte® system, you receive a free comprehensive test of over 130 contaminants; using this information, ECOsmarte will custom-design a system that will eliminate the specific contaminants in your particular situation.


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    This service is free but primarily checks for bacteria and does not provide information on mineral content or contaminants.
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    You can send your samples directly to Edge or deliver a sample to B&W Pumps in Freeland, Department of Health in Coupeville or Island Water in Oak Harbor.
    (800) 755-9295

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    For a fee, Shelley Ess will come to your home, take the sample, and deliver it to a professional, certified water testing lab.
    The results are generally available within 2 weeks.
    (360) 929-1116.


    If you opt to install the ECOsmarte® system, a free next-day-air water test kit is provided, analyzing over 130 contaminants. From
    these results, you will receive a system customized to your water.
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Water Issues on Whidbey Island

Not all water on Whidbey Island is the same. A few neighborhoods have wonderfully clear water, but most don’t.

Because the island is made of alluvial soil from the glaciers, there are a lot of minerals in the water, which stain household fixtures and make the water hard. Most wells also have iron and manganese, both of which create bacteria, and these minerals produce a bacteria that will coat the inside linings of the pipes. Iron creates an iron bacteria that leaves a brown slime inside the pipes. Over time this residue builds up, shrinking the interior pipe diameter and restricting the water flow. When this bacteria dies, it creates sulfur, which in turn creates sulfur bacteria. When sulfur bacteria dies and decays, it puts off a smelly gas like rotten eggs. Because bacteria also grows in hot water tanks, these tanks should be drained every six months. What we notice is horrible, stinky, thick, brown, bad-tasting water that stains all the house water fixtures.

Everyone on the island has hard water.  Areas in the trees often have tannin, which makes the water yellow. Farm land areas with livestock can produce nitrates. There are several areas that even contain arsenic. It is well known that the water around the military base is heavily polluted with toxins. Iron bacteria grows in some wells, particularly from Keystone to West Beach; it actually eats iron, and is aggravated when it is oxidized. We might notice one or two obvious pollutants, but the only way to know what is in the water is to have it tested.


The ECOsmarte® oxygen system can eliminate all these problems and more.

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Water in Our Area

Every location on Whidbey Island is unique. From the Maxwelton Valley to Oak Harbor Naval Air Base, Freeland to Clinton, the water around Whidbey Island contains a variety of unwelcome contaminants. Here are some of the major culprits that have been detected through water quality tests:

  • Iron, manganese and hardness prevalent on Whidbey Island
  • Toxins and chemicals from around the Oak Harbor Naval Air Base
  • Tannin found in the Maxwelton Valley
  • Arsenic around Saratoga
  • Nitrates in Coupeville
  • Calcium in Clinton, Langley, Freeland, Greenbank, Coupeville and Oak Harbor
  • Sulfur on waterfront property

How To Get Your Water Tested

Getting your water tested is the first step in determining which kind of water treatment system is best for you. Below are different ways to get your water tested—some free, others available for a small fee:

  • Edge Laboratories Mail or deliver your own sample in person: Edge Laboratories Water Test
  • Essential Water Services: Shelly Ess will visit your site and take your sample for you, for a fee (360-929-1116)
  • Drop-Off Sites: Edge picks up drop-off samples every Tuesday and Thursday at these sites:
    • B&W Pumps  (18181 SR 525, Freeland) 1:00 pick-up: (360) 331-4016
    • Island County Department of Health (Coupeville) 1:15 pick-up: Island County Bacterial Water Test
    • Island H2O (70 NE Midway Blvd, Oak Harbor) 1:30 pick-up: (360) 675-4462
    • Jim’s Hardware (Ken’s Korner, Clinton) 2:00 pick-up: (360) 341-6044

Free Testing From ECOsmarte®

If you choose to install an industry-leading ECOsmarte® system, you’ll get the benefit of a free next-day-air water test kit. This kit is useful for analyzing over 130 contaminants. Once you provide a water sample, it’ll be tested to understand the exact composition of your water and from these results, you’ll receive a customized filtration system. Contact us today to learn more about how this water testing process works.

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