Chlorine System with Water Softener

Chlorine System with Water Softener

This ultimate chlorine system consists of a chlorine tank and injector, a retention tank, three filter media tanks, and a brine tank. Chlorine is injected into the water, it goes into the retention tank to provide ample contact with the water, then the chlorine, minerals, and contaminants are removed in the next two filter tanks, after which the water passes through a water softener. This system will remove iron bacteria, tannin, iron, manganese, sulfur, hardness and much more.

This packaged chlorine injection system, mixing tank, iron filter, carbon filter, and water softener will address even the worst of iron problems, plus hardness. Chlorine injection kills iron bacteria as well as other common bacteria and viruses, with the mixing tank ensuring proper treatment. The Filox iron filter traps and removes iron, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor), and manganese. The GreenFlo carbon filter removes any excess chlorine and reduces a wide range of other tastes, odors, and chemicals that may be in the water. The 48k softener finishes things off with a high capacity resin to soften the water.