Pools, Spas, Ponds, Fountains

Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, Ponds, Fountains

ECOsmarte specializes in chemical-free treatment of swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, ponds, fountains, holding tanks, and irrigation systems.

No Regular Chemicals to the Swimming Pool or Spa
You will eliminate:
1. Toxic chemicals
2. Health hazards
3. Offensive chemical odors
4. Damage to our environment
5. Damage to pool equipment
6. Green Hair
7. Shocking
8. Cyanuric Acid
9. Acid
10. Bleaching

Chlorine Alternative Pool

ECOsmarte cells use low DC voltage and last up to 20 years in Northern climates.

No Constant Introduction of Metals to Your Pool

You are always in the oxygen mode unless your water test tells you to flip a switch to ionize for one day, or your automated system programs the copper into your pool. NO constant introduction of Metal to your pool, NO silver to cause stains. Titanium (oxygen) electrodes is used 6-10 hours per day in pools, or whenever the spa pump runs by timer.

Easy to Install

Replaces 11″ of PVC Pipe, on the return line of your pool, easy to install.

Automated CO2 pH System – ELIMINATES 90% of Acid

Automated Systems with CO2ph control available for Swimming Pools (In-ground and above ground) as well as spas. ECOsmarte® has perfected a timed based CO2 injection system that requires no sensors. The liquid CO2 tanks use carbonic acid which will also buffer the pH against acid rain.

ECOsmarte® Three Year Limited Warranty

ECOsmarte® warrants the entire water system (including tanks, electronics, flow switch and media) is free from defect in material and workmanship under normal use, service and conditions. All parts are F.O.B. factory.

ECOsmarte® Cloud

We provide free 24/7 Cloud Support. Wi-Fi enable – Phone, Tablet, or Desktop capable.