Why a Water Filtration System is a Must for Your Whidbey Island Home?

Water is vital for life. Do you know that the water we drink has a direct impact on our health? Drinking water directly from taps is unsafe as it may contain pathogens, heavy metals, and other hazardous chemicals. Many households now use water filtration systems to get rid of harmful substances. There are many providers as well as different types of filters in the market, but you must choose carefully.

Water Filtration System

Home water filtration companies, like Whidbey Water Filters, provide reliable water filters to make the water drinkable and usable once again. Here are the most important reasons you need a home water filtration system.

Removes all contaminants

Water contains a variety of contaminants, ranging from chemical to biological and even physical ones. Consult water filtration professionals to test the water supply at your house to determine the type of contaminants. To ensure a safe water supply, it is best to install a filter that gets rid of all the harmful particles. The filtration systems are not one-size-fits-all. That is why water testing is necessary. It helps determine the type of contaminants present in your water supply so that you can use a suitable filter. For best results, you should take the help of reliable water solution companies in Whidbey Island.

High filtration rate

The filtration rate refers to the amount of water that a filter can purify in a day. This aspect helps in selecting a suitable system according to your needs. With a rough estimate of the quantity of water your household may consume in a day, you can find an ideal home water filtration system.

Worth the money

A few factors can directly impact the cost of your water filters. These can be storage capacity, water contaminants, filtration rate, and more. Some people make the common mistake of buying cheaper water filters to save money. But these filters don’t last long and can cost a lot to repair. It is best to invest in a high-quality filter for clean water, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Easy maintenance

While choosing a water filter for your household, consider the maintenance cost you may have to spend on it. Cheap filtration systems may seem like a cost-saving expense, but these often lead to frequent repairs and maintenance costs. Buying a reliable whole house water filtration system from reputed companies, like Whidbey Water Filters, is a wiser choice as they offer budget-friendly and efficient solutions.

Are you looking for reliable water solution companies to resolve your water supply needs? Whidbey Water Filters is one of the leading home water filtration companies in Freeland. Get in touch with the professionals to avail yourself of their services by calling at (206) 324-5055.

Home water filtration companies, like Whidbey Water Filters, provide reliable water filters to make the water drinkable and usable once again. Here are the most important reasons you need a home water filtration system.

Is a home water filtration system worth it?

Is a home water filtration system worth it?

Is a home water filtration system worth it?

Did you know that the water we drink has a direct relation with our health? Over the years, the quality of our drinking water has changed dramatically. Even though most household water supply consists of treated water, it may still contain dirt, chemicals, and other contaminants. Consuming such contaminated and unfiltered water can be extremely hazardous to your well-being. To ensure safe, clean, good quality drinking water that tastes good, many homeowners install suitable water filtration systems.

Are you considering the benefits vs. price of installing a water filtration system at home? Read on to know more.

Protect yourself and your loved ones

At water treatment plants, the water is treated by removing the debris and killing the bacteria using chlorine. However, this water then travels through pipes to reach our homes. During this time, bacteria and other contaminants can enter the water again, making the tap water unsafe. Excess chlorine in the water can have an adverse effect on your and your loved ones’ health, in addition to damaging your appliances and plumbing fixtures. The contaminated water is unsafe not only for drinking purposes but also for other uses, such as bathing where it can harm your skin. Installing an effective water filtration system can help you address this issue by filtering and ensuring clean and pure water in your house.


Most people assume that installing water filtration systems will cost them a fortune and end up spending even more on bottled water. However, if you do the math, the expenses incurred on bottled water would be significantly higher than installing a water filtration system, which is a one-time cost.

Environment friendly

Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance that is harmful to the environment. The bottled water often comes in single-use plastic bottles, adding to more non-biodegradable, toxic waste. You can contribute to protecting your planet from further damage by switching from bottled water to water purification systems.

Durability of appliances

Unclean, contaminated water may contain metals and chemicals, which not only damage your health but also fixtures and appliances around the house. Water filters make the water softer and safer to use by removing contaminants and hard metals. That way, it prevents clogging of plumbing and scaling on the appliances, increasing their lifespan.

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What makes Ecosmarte® Oxygen System better than other Water Filtration Systems


Our health is directly affected by the quality of water we consume. If the water supply to your house is not clean, you need to install a high-quality water treatment system in Freeland.

Custom Water Treatment Solution

When you buy the ECOsmarte® system, you receive a water test kit. You send the sample via prepaid UPS to the National Testing Labs. The lab tests the water for over 150 chemicals, metals, and other contaminants. Your ECOsmarte®  technicians receive the results and design a custom water purification system for your home water that will exceed the EPA standards for drinking water.

Protects your plumbing appliances

The water we receive directly from our faucets contains many chemicals, minerals, and heavy metals. These can damage your appliances and corrode the pipes and plumbing. ECOsmarte® filtration systems electrically charge the minerals, preventing them from binding together or forming hard scales. It converts calcium to calcium bicarbonate that dissolves the existing scale in your pipes, appliances, and plumbing fixtures. The ECOsmarte® system eliminates these problems, reduces maintenance, and prolongs the life of your appliances.


The ECOsmarte® system produces quality and volume of water at a lower cost than a reverse osmosis system. It also offers bacterial protection, not available with water softeners. The system treats all of your water — hot and cold, indoor and outdoor. No consumables, and minimal maintenance, are needed for at least 5 years.

Are you looking for a custom, cost-effective, low-maintenance water treatment system? Ask for an Ecosmarte ® oxygen system at Whidbey Water Filters at (206) 324-5055.

Some or All?

Some or All?

The first question to ask yourself is whether you want to purify some of your water or all of it.

Point of Use Systems

Point-of-use filters are designed to filter one specific source, such as the kitchen or bathroom sink, an ice maker or a shower head. Sink filters can rest on the counter with a tube to the faucet, or can be installed under the sink with a dedicated faucet.
Sink Filters: Drinking water filters at the kitchen sink are quite popular and practical. They can be installed with a spigot on the counter while the filter itself is below the counter, or the entire filter unit can rest on the counter top with a tube or hose running to the end of the sink faucet. There are many types of media used for these filters: granular charcoal, ceramics, simple pleated fiber or paper filters, and compressed carbon blocks, to mention the most popular styles.  http://www.multipureusa.com/dean
Shower filters: Shower filters are primarily used for removing chlorine. Chlorine dries out the skin and hair. If swallowed, it is not safe to drink. When taking a hot shower, the gas coming out of the shower head is sometimes 80% chlorine fumes, which are not good for the lungs. Shower filters are easy to install and maintain.   http://www.multipureusa.com/dean
Pre-Filters: Roughing filters, sock filters, cartridge filters are often used as pre-filters and are placed at the point where the water enters the building, or just before the fine filter used at the point of use. Other point-of-use systems that are more precise include:
To see more specific information, various models, pictures and prices, or to order a point-of-use system right now, go to this site: http://www.multipureusa.com/dean

Whole House Systems

Whole-house systems treat all the water in the house and yard. This includes any outside water used for irrigation, if the plumbing was not designed to by-pass the house plumbing.
These systems are generally installed in the well house or pump house, in the garage or basement, or in an adjoining shed or out building. The closer the filtration system is to the point of use, the less opportunity there is for any bacteria to build up in the pipes between the two points. If the water does have to travel a long distance from the well to the house, sometimes it is comforting to install a point-of-use filter on the sink as an added polish to the already clean water. In most cases, however, this is not necessary and is sometimes redundant.
For large communities, treating the water at the well may remove the worst concerns, such as hardness or iron or particularly bacteria, usually well water for communities does nothing more than chlorination. For this reason is often better for each residence to install an individual treatment system to remove the rest of the contaminants that the community system did not deal with. Even if the water is clean enough, at least removing the chlorine is a good idea. One other issue in large communities is that no one can agree as to which system to install, so often the homeowners are left to their own devices; some choose to live with the bad water, while others install various systems to treat some or most, but usually never all, of the water problems. Our oxygen system will solve them all.
Aqua Alternatives is focused on helping individual home owners to custom-design water treatment systems that are specific to their particular water issues. Call for a free consultation: (206) 324-5055.