Water Treatment
on Whidbey Island

Enjoy pure water with confidence. The ECOSmarte® whole-house water treatment system is an all-encompassing system that is low-maintenance, highly effective, quiet, long-lasting, reliable, chemical-free, salt-free, and easy to understand.

Other chemical-free water purification options for removing contaminants are aeration, ozone, reverse osmosis, and compressed carbon blocks. Chlorine and hydrogen peroxide systems are also available. Under the "Home" page, click on "System Comparisons" for more details such as number of tanks, required flow rates, prices, and advantages of each.

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    Does your water on Whidbey Island taste bad, smell bad, leave stains on your fixtures, and leave you wondering if it is safe?

    We can help. Check out our water purification systems that remove iron, manganese, hardness, sulfur, bacteria, tannin, arsenic, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, minerals, and other contaminants.

    Dissolved minerals such as iron and manganese cannot be removed by simple filtration. They must be oxidized, flocculating the particles into larger clumps that can then be filtered out.

    There are only four ways to oxidize dissolved minerals:

    Our Services

    Water Treatment Consultation

    To effectively treat and decontaminate your water, it is necessary to understand what your water contains.

    ECOSmarte Oxygen Systems

    If you want totally clean water for your entire house, the ECOsmarte Oxygen System does everything.

    Other Systems

    Refer to the System Comparison Chart to determine which technology is most appropriate for your needs.

    ECOsmarte® System.

    The Water Filtration Answer for Whidbey Island, WA, is an ECOsmarte® System,
    which will remove:

    Get Clean Healthy Water Today!

    Why filter your water?

    Whidbey Water Filters, some of the main services that we provide include:

    Whole-House Systems

    We are able to provide treatment and softening services to your entire house. If you would like every source in your house to be set up with advanced filtration systems, the team from Whidbey Water Filters is here to help you.

    Sink and Sub-Counter Filters

    Point-of-use filters produce clean water at a specific location, such as the kitchen or bathroom sink. Compressed carbon block filters filter down to .5 micron, and reverse osmosis systems squeeze pure water molecules through a membrane.

    Chemical-Free Water Treatment

    Too often, we hear about situations where people are using dangerous chemicals in an effort to purify. Even though these chemicals might kill whatever is in the water, they can also lead to serious harm to appliances and people. The ECOsmarte oxygen system and the Ozone Pure Water systems are both chemical-free.

    Salt-Free Water Softening

    Furthermore, we also provide softening treatments as well. We will measure the hardness of your water and figure out what we can do to make it a bit softer, which benefits not only you but your appliances as well. Water softening adds salt, water conditioning converts calcium to a powder that will not scale your pipes.

    Pool and Spa Treatments

    If you are tired of closely tracking the pH, salinity, and chlorine content of your pool, ECOsmarte offers a chemical-free alternative. Put an end to breathing chlorine fumes every time you swim, and to absorbing chlorine through your skin when you soak.

    Irrigation Systems

    Irrigate with pure oxygenated water and do away with algae build-up and clogged pipes. An ECOsmarte irrigation system will keep your pipes clean and your plants healthy. Reduce system maintenance with an ECOsmarte irrigation treatment system.

    Aside from safety, most water treatment companies will tell you that untreated water presents a wide range of problems just waiting to occur. From mineral buildups that reduce water pressure and create waterborne bacteria, to horrible, stinky, thick, brown, bad-tasting water that stains water fixtures, filtration is a proactive way to prevent these problems and many more. The question is, what’s lurking in your water?

    Whidbey Water Filters is committed to helping homeowners from Clinton to Oak Harbor understand their water quality and get the water filtration systems they need to purify it. We can point you in the direction of testing, then analyze the results with you to recommend a whole-house filtration system that’s effective and cost-efficient, to provide you with water that’s clean, safe and enjoyable.

    Call for a free consultation and visit to your site. ECOsmarte® provides chlorine-free, salt-free pure water. Order an ECOsmarte® system and you will receive a free, pre-paid water test for over 130 contaminants. In addition to whole-house systems, ECOsmarte® products excel at purifying water for ponds, swimming pools, hot tubs & spas.

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