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Multipure Filters

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Multipure water filters are effective, practical, and economical. If you don’t want to filter all the water in the whole house, point-of-use filters are ideal. These filter water right at the sink, either on the counter-top or underneath the counter; on the shower head; or for the ice maker. While granular carbon filters are popular, they do not remove anything more than color, flavor and odor, and generally filter down to 15 or 10 microns at best. 

On the other hand, compressed carbon block filters remove particles as small as half a micron. Bacteria, parasites, crytposporidium, giardia, and ecoli are all one micron or larger. A compressed carbon block removes bacteria, chemicals, and particulates, but does not remove dissolved minerals. 

For even finer filtration, reverse osmosis systems actually squeeze water molecules through a membrane, removing even dissolved minerals. A unique feature of the Multipure Reverse Osmosis System is that after the water has been completely treated with pre-filters, an RO membrane and post-filters, before the water comes out the spigot into your glass it is filtered even further with a half-micron compressed carbon block filter; no other RO system does this. This is truly pure water. To view more details on an RO system, follow this path: https://www.multipure.com/dean
to “Products” to “Drinking Water Systems” to “Watts RO.”

Because Multipure invented the compressed carbon block technology, they have become the leader in the industry. Consequently, you get the most filtration for the least amount of money. With Multipure you get guaranteed products and accessories, excellent customer service support, and high quality-controlled products. You can order directly from this site for excellent point-of-use products: sink filters, shower filters, travel filters, sport water bottle filters, whole-house chlorine filters, and more: https://www.multipure.com/dean.

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