July 21, 2021


"We couldn't be more pleased with Dean and his company. He did what he said he'd do and didn't leave our installation until it was complete. Whidbey Water Filters changed our water usage protocol. Thanks, Dean"
May 23, 2021

2021-06-14 | 21:43:46

"When we built our new home last year, water tests showed extremely high levels of calcium and iron, which we knew would begin to deposit and stain our brand-new plumbing fixtures. We didn't want to start putting huge amounts of salt into the ground through a water softener, because salt isn't good for the soil, and it would have been an ongoing expense and maintenance hassle. We considered using potassium instead of sodium, but that would have cost about 5x more, and we would still have to handle a 40 pound bag every month! I spent literally weeks trying to find a good solution to the water problem, and was amazed at how very few solutions have been developed for residential water treatment. The best choice seemed to be the Ecosmart system provided by this company. It uses metal plates (copper and titanium) to remove the iron, and convert the calcium into a form that doesn't stick to things nearly as much as the untreated water. I don't exactly understand how it works, but it does seem to work quite well. We've been using it since last summer (about 10 months), and haven't had any rust stains at all, where previously a slight faucet drip left a huge brown mark in the sink. I haven't tested the calcium levels since we installed it, but am guessing they are probably similar to the untreated water. The idea that the calcium gets converted to a less sticky type seems to actually work. Although we do get calcium deposits in a few areas where water drips often - mainly near the kitchen sink handle - it comes off pretty easily with a paper towel soaked in white vinegar. Otherwise, we haven't noticed any problems, and our glasses come out of the dishwasher sparkling clean. One thing that convinced me that this system might work, is the fact that it is used commercially, mainly for chemical-free pools. It would be good if more homes with wells could use a system like this, instead of adding so much sodium to the soil and groundwater. Large metro areas like Phoenix are starting to realize that salt-based water softeners can cause significant environmental problems."
February 19, 2021

2021-06-14 | 21:43:59

"My wife and I recently moved into a new home with a filtration system designed by Dean at Whidbey Water Filters. Dean was kind enough to come out, explain the water filtration, and show me home to troubleshoot any issues we might have. He was nothing but patient with my utter lack of plumbing experience, and I came away feeling confident in my ability to maintain our water filtration system."
January 20, 2021

Dean Petrich | 2021-01-16 17:20:13

"Dean is accesssible, dependable, and personable."
December 21, 2020

Greg M, Clinton, WA

"Dean has a good personality, easy to work with."