“Before the system was installed, my well water, which is high in iron and sulfur, stained my toilet and tub. The rotten egg smell caused by the sulfur was terrible.  We had to buy bottled water, since the well water was not drinkable. Dean Petrich recommended the ECOsmarte system. Since the system was installed, my well water tastes wonderful, the sulfur smell is gone and my toilet and tub are no longer stained.  I was able to install the system myself with the help of Dean’s instructions. He is very knowledgeable.  I recommend him and his system highly.”

Glenn Jacoby

"We couldn't be more pleased with Dean and his company. He did what he said he'd do and didn't leave our installation until it was complete. Whidbey Water Filters changed our water usage protocol. Thanks, Dean"

James Daly

“We live on Whidbey Island, and as such our water contains iron, manganese, hardness and other inherent contaminates. With a complete remodel of our home, we decided we needed to upgrade our water system.  For 40 years we’ve had a salt softening system that at the time, was what was being recommended. We knew water treatment technology had come a long way in improving water quality. We did research on a number of water purification systems and in the end, we purchased the ECOSmarte Oxygen whole-house water treatment system from Dean at Aqua Alternatives, dba Whidbey Water Filters. We found Dean to be one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. He explained the benefits of an oxygen system with NO salt and how it treated the contaminates found in our area.  Dean installed the system and suggested that if I would like to help, I could get a firsthand understanding how the system worked, which I did.  Dean was a great instructor. The system has worked as designed other than a control box failure, which he fixed. Unlike other companies we’ve dealt with on the Island, one call and Dean was on the spot to replace it, no waiting weeks. We would recommend that anyone looking for a water purification system only purchase it from Dean at Whidbey Water Filters/Aqua Alternatives. His technical knowledge and support is excellent.”

Gary R.

"My wife and I recently moved into a new home with a filtration system designed by Dean at Whidbey Water Filters. Dean was kind enough to come out, explain the water filtration, and show me home to troubleshoot any issues we might have. He was nothing but patient with my utter lack of plumbing experience, and I came away feeling confident in my ability to maintain our water filtration system."

Austin Halvorsen

"The community water was BROWN!!!! [Whidbey Water Filters] to the rescue! With both the whole house ozone system and the compressed carbon block system at the kitchen sink the tap is clear and beautiful! Finally we are able to safely drink the tap water. Completely satisfied! Would highly recommend [Whidbey Water Filters]!"

Heather K, Freeland, WA

"Dean, I want to thank you so much. I can finally take my hands through my hair again! My hair became so crunchy from that water. Everything felt crunchy. I luxuriated in the beauty of the new water. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you! You're great, and I think it's pretty cool that you are all these wonderful things. You're amazing! Thank you."

J. M, Freeland, WA

"Whidbey Water Filters is great. Dean is very knowledgeable; he made a tremendous effort to make sure the system and installation was the right fit and finish for my family and home. The ECOsmarte water system is fantastic the water is palatable right from the tap with out additional filtering, hard water stains and build up are drastically reduced. The system pays for it self in the cost of chemicals / minerals that need to be added to other systems as well as the benefits to major appliances which improve there operation and life. Thank you Dean!"

Jesse Epp

“Thank you, Dean, for always being there for us. 
You were so helpful and kind in your efforts to get the water purification system functional.”

Jon & Susan

"Dean has a good personality, easy to work with."

Greg M, Clinton, WA

"Dean is accesssible, dependable, and personable."

Harry Leavitt