System Comparisons

Maintenance Requirements

Oxidation Water Filtration Systems Whidbey Island WA

How do different water filtration systems stack up against each other and against the contaminants in your potable water? Whidbey Water Filters has compiled a convenient breakdown of different systems and their water purification capabilities. We recommend Whidbey Island WA homeowners compare and contrast different options before deciding on any one system (or combined filters) to treat their potable water. Here’s what you need to know.

Four Technologies

Dissolved minerals, as well as arsenic III, must be oxidized in order to be removed completely. Oxidation flocculates the elements into larger particles, enabling them to be filtered. In our comparison of water filtration systems, we look at three whole-house chemical-free technologies available for oxidizing dissolved minerals and one chemical injection system, which uses chlorine or peroxide.

Cost Range

In order of water purification cost, compressed air is the least expensive and the least effective, while chemical injection is a mid-range price and treats most things. Ozone is 100% effective, powerful and chemical-free, but sometimes other systems must be added. Oxygen is 100% effective and all-inclusive. Although the initial cost of the oxygen system is the highest, the long-term costs are the lowest.

Best Choice

Against all different types of water filtration systems, oxygen has the most advantages. It’s salt-free, quiet and low-maintenance, and eliminates iron, manganese, sulfur, hardness, chemicals, bacteria, and even arsenic—all the problems we have here on Whidbey island—for the lowest long-term price. Unlike the other technologies that may require additional systems, the oxygen system includes them all at no additional charge.