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The Ultimate Solution for Treating Water on Whidbey Island

Remove All Contaminants from Your Water

If you want totally clean water for your entire house, the ECOsmarte Oxygen System does everything. Without adding salt, it will remove the iron, manganese and hardness found all over Whidbey Island. It will remove the toxic chemicals found in the water around the Oak Harbor Naval Air Base. It will remove the tannin found along the Maxwelton Valley. It will remove the arsenic found in Saratoga. It will remove the nitrates around the farms in Coupeville. It will remove the sulfur smell from the water in Clinton. It will the manganese found in the water around Freeland and Greenbank.

Now you can own a system that is simple, low-maintenance, quiet, reliable, salt-free, treats all issues, has minimal long-term costs, and that is 100% effective.

This is the system for you.

Advantages to installing an Ecosmarte oxygen system:

The only requirement for this system is at least a 10 gpm flow rate. If your gpm is less, we can add a 300 gallon holding tank
and a 10 gpm booster pump.

ECOsmarte is a long-term, low-maintenance system.

Pure Oxygen System

Using technology from Apollo lunar missions, ECOsmarte is the world leader in well water and rainwater treatment, with residual bacterial control.

This is the ideal treatment system for Whidbey well water.

Treat All Of Your Water:

Enjoy water that is









Dual Media, Dual Electrode, Triple Tank System

This system consists of :

Iron/odor Removal

Multiple mineral and chemical problems are addressed across wide pH and flow-rate parameters. No salt, chemical regeneration, pH modification or in-line flow restriction is required to deliver premium quality, safe water, indoor and outdoor, treated at point-of-entry. Low-level ionization residuals remain in plumbing lines for residual protection against bacteria and scale, with technology first developed by NASA on three-week Apollo Lunar missions.


Whole-house water treatment
Swimming pools, spas and hot tubs
Rainwater, pond water, streams, lakes
Estate irrigation, available in 1" and 1-1/2", 15GPM to 22GPM

For more information on chlorine-free pool and spa treatment, go to www.ECOSmarte.com

ECOsmarte Whole-House System Advantages and Disadvantages