Other Green Products

Other Green Products

Often water is not the only concern when living on Whidbey. While water is one of our most basic living needs, we still have other needs.

Following is a list of other green products available through Aqua Alternatives:

Clean Water, Safe Environment, Healthy Choices

  • Water Treatment, Filtration and Purification (refer to the pages on whole-house systems and point-of-use systems) Pure water is an essential part of daily life.
  • Waterless Toilets (composting toilets, incinerating toilets, dehydrating toilets) The Phoenix is the state-of-the-art composting toilet system. Sun-Mar offers a number of options for self-contained waterless and low-water-flush toilets, including a small portable model. Ecojohn manufactures incinerating toilets that can operate on propane, natural gas, kerosene, or diesel, as well as a composting option.
  • Drain Strainers (simple, inexpensive hair traps for tubs and showers) Place these simple strainers over your tub or shower drain.
  • Green Household Products (daily consumable necessity items at lower-than-store prices: safe, fresh, effective, convenient, concentrated, high-quality, environmentally sensitive, delivered, guaranteed). All your basic essentials are available from one source. The cleaners and laundry products work well in cold water and with hard water. Of course, it is always safest to clean with pure water.
  • Health Products (supplements that are scientifically proven to be more absorbable and more bioavailable than any other brand, organic healthy snack food, sports nutrition, inexpensive weight management program that works, condition-specific products for pre-diabetics, lower high blood pressure with no side effects, skin problems, eye health, joint pain, dental hygiene, prostate and menopause concerns, mood swings, memory loss, immune boosters, general health, and more) Almost all health products require pure water.

Call for a demonstration or for more information: (206) 324-5055.